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  • An ode to the non singers

    The first audition in eight years. Makeup that’s powder pressed into pale skin. I choose pink lips that smell like the cool bouquets from the ballet recitals of many years ago, in childhood. Memorial day weekend in New Orleans pastes black clothing to the spaces beneath knees. “Don’t be intimidated when you get there,” he […]

  • Tropicana Moon

    I sit outside beneath a Tropicana Moon. What is a Tropicana Moon you wonder? A slice of heaven pie high in the sky. A sliver of key lime pie and a sip of orangeade. Four ravens who chase the caws of each other. Sounds of marmalade and the sea. If I could taste the night […]

  • Hello world!

    Hello world!

    Mardi Gras day during St. Ann Society in the Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans. (Photo credit Jillian Poche) Mardi Gras celebrations have come to an end. How do you feel? It’s the week after Fat Tuesday and it’s very quiet. Damp and sticky, the air hangs heavy with the weight of silence. The marching bands […]