"You do not have to be good."-Mary Oliver

And So For My
Wedding, All the
World Came

by Jennifer Spadaccia

When my dear friend Ava asked me to participate in a writing exercise for one of her classes at Harvard, I was initially thrilled. I had been out of school for nearly a year at that point, and I missed the writing and my assignments.


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Non Fiction

An Avocado Gift

by Jennifer Spadaccia

Give an avocado gift to a friend as a kind gesture. Give an avocado gift to a friend to show them that you care in a quirky, unexpected way.


1 vol.


7 Spiritual Meanings When A Bird Poops On You

by Basalt Spiritual

The first thing that may come to your mind when a bird poops on is that your day has been ruined. However, if you look farther into what the encounter means, you may wonder if a bird pooping on you has a deeper spiritual meaning.


1 vol.


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These posts are rooted in weekly reflections and daily uncovered metaphors. It is my wish that these ventures in storytelling will help to connect and inspire you in your own human experience, while hopefully bringing you closer to the beauty of the written word.

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Journey with me to the land of literature.

These books are a mixture of ones that have taken up a permanent residence in my heart and ones recently discovered. They’re all books worth reading and deserve continued discussion.

Feel free to delve into what these writers have to offer, and if you like share your own thoughts. I’ll continue to update and rotate new reads and am always open to suggestions.

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Jennifer Spadaccia

Controlling Women

by Kathryn Kolbert & julie F. Kay

I first read this book a year before Roe V. Wade was tragically overturned. In devastating irony, the authors not only foreshadow, but also warn their readers of the inevitable return to a post Roe world where women’s lives are no longer their own. An important and imperative read for all Americans who care about an equitable future free from the deadly confines of patriarchy.

My Brilliant Friend

by elena ferrante

Elena Ferrante’s four part series begins with two best friends akin to sisters. While living in post war Italy, Elena and Lina are determined to grow through a world of violence and disparity in an impoverished Naples neighborhood. The complexity of their relationship coupled with the unreliability of Elena’s narration, lay the foundation for this survival tale of women determined to make a name and life for themselves in a male dominated system.

River King

by alice hoffman

A melancholy tale of courage and longing, seasoned with a generous dose of magic to help the reader wade through the darkest sections.